Newsletter Archive (upto & including August 2017 issue)
An archive of all the club's  newsletters from February 2001  is available below. 

Newsletter Index (to August 2017)
An alphabetic index of all Newsletters can also be found below. 
It is a .pdf file ~ you will need Adobe Reader (or similar) to view the index.
You may simply browse the index or use the "Find" function ([CTRL]+F) to search the index;  e.g. to find word "camp" 

The index is subject to revision:.

  • as new issues of the Newsletter are published
  • errors are corrected
  • etc.
If you find any errors/ omissions in the index please report them to me

A timeline of significant local and national events - if you'd like to suggest additional items for this list please contact 
Ray Lane using the "Club Contacts" link to the left

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